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Favored Honey Bee of the Swamp
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13th-Oct-2016 06:37 am - Art for Marching On [NCIS Bang]
teen wolf, lydia
Never before have you scrapped and redone the artwork for something this many times, but if one thing's true, it's that working with a quality story makes it all worth it. Huge thanks to the mods of ncis_bang for running this year after year.

Title: Marching On
Author: honor_reid
Fandom: NCIS
20th-Aug-2016 06:55 pm - Dropped off the face of the earth,
teen wolf, lydia
but crossing my fingers that this was the last funeral this year. Hopefully will have more time to get back into the swing of things now...
teen wolf, lydia
You're excited to finally be posting art for this lovely entry to the smallfandombang, which has been a fun ride!

Title: The Last God of Chaos
Author: cowgirlxena | Tezca
Fandoms: Aztec West by TL Morganfield/Dukes of Hazzard
teen wolf, lydia
It's embarrassing just how bad you were at playing King's Quest in an attempt to get to know the settings and characters for this smallfandombang story, but it was a joy to read and make art for in any case.

Title: Fairy Heart
Author: serenityabrin
Fandom: King's Quest
16th-Apr-2016 10:11 am - Art for Luminaire [Small Fandom Bang]
teen wolf, lydia
You've never done anything in a video game fandom before, but it was certainly no hardship to "research" (aka play) the game Soleil for smallfandombang.

Title: Luminaire
Author: tehexile
Fandom: Soleil (Crusader of Centy)
teen wolf, lydia
You love Nineties television shows, Omri Katz, werewolves, and epic adventure/friendship stories, so working with this Eerie, Indiana story for smallfandombang was no hardship.

You call this one "Bad Moon Rising" (get it? moon? because Mars is part-werewolf? clever song choice there, nim) but it's actually a digital portrait of Marshall Teller showing off his fancy fangs and unfortunate mutton chops.

And this one is (strangely) named "The Tower of London" (get it? because ravens? no? sigh why do you name things just stop) but it's actually a digital portrait of Dash X looking all serious because his boyfriend has some fishy problems.

Title: Land to Sea; A Chronicle of the Kraken War
Author: eviinsanemonkey
Fandoms: Eerie, Indiana | Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

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teen wolf, lydia
It's always a joy to discover new fandoms with fantastically written fic, and the funny, well-written Dear Ladies story you got to illustrate for smallfandombang was no exception. A good time was had by all (well, except Duncan).

Title: Held to Account
Author: scfrankles
Fandom: Dear Ladies (BBC)

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6th-Mar-2016 11:20 pm(no subject)
teen wolf, lydia
You wouldn't think 12 hour work days would be that much more tiring than your usual 10 hour days, but holy buckets are you tired when you get home at night. Thank goodness for weekends, otherwise you'd never be able to check LJ or get any sleep!
26th-Feb-2016 01:15 am(no subject)
teen wolf, lydia
You're a bit late to this party. /understatement

20 Icons for lotrth20in20 Round 27


cold fighting frame grunge hair
happy levels on the road red stolen

favorite scenes

favorite 1 favorite 2 favorite 3 favorite 4 favorite 5

nim's choice

choice 1 choice 2 choice 3 choice 4 choice 5
teen wolf, lydia
You're honored to have gotten the chance to create artwork for TheHatMeister's epic story for aftercamlann 2015.

Title: The Tribe of the Dragon
Author: thehatmeister
Fandom: Merlin BBC

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